The long lasting quest of the NRI devotees of the temple who work abroad or otherwise geographically separated from the temple to watch all the functions and rituals of their beloved God / Goddess is answered with the implementation of E-Darshan facility, since the functions and rituals of the temple are broadcasted live on the E-Darshan portal and in the respective temple’s website
Impel Launches official Web TV of Bombay Charted Accountant Society (BCAS)

Impel Media is the India’s first total solutions provider for online rich media communication

Launch Your Own Internet TV within 48hrs

How to Profit from Internet TV

Impel is a Video Bookmarking and Video Playlist script that allows you to create a website where users can bookmark and organize their favorite videos from various video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Dailymotion and many others.

Impel enables you to widgetize your website so your users can virally show off their video collection to their friends through blogs or social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.

Complete Features List
Search Videos from Multiple Video Hosting Sites
Users can search videos based on their interest and directly bookmark them without leaving your site.
Import User's Favorite Videos From YouTube
Let your users import their favorite videos from YouTube for easy migration to your site.
Automatic Video Information Retrieval with AJAX
Users can enter video url and the script will automatically retrieve the video information (supports YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Google Video).
YouTube Video Uploader
Users can upload their own videos directly from your site to YouTube.
Widget Interfacing System
Users can show off their video collection in a cool flash gallery widget, they can embed this widget to social networking sites, their own blogs or websites.
Ads Management System
Setup and manage your advertisements directly from Administration Panel.