Live Internet Broadcasting
What is Live Internet BROADCASTING?

This involves using the internet to broadcast live or pre-recorded audio / video to the world. Whereas DIY Webcasting is best used for frequent and perhaps small scale communication, Internet Broadcasting or Webcasting is perfect for extraordinary major events. The content can be broadcast LIVE and/or on demand (pay per view). With Video on demand, the client must “order” the video every time they wish to watch it. Companies are already introducing using this to create extra revenue!

This technology is ideal for training events, expos and shows, product launches, and showing weddings and other special events to family around the world.

Impel Webcasting can even reproduce your Broadcast onto CD / DVD to provide you with yet another competitive advantage!

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Pay Per View Streaming
What is Pay Per View Streaming?

Pay Per View allows your customers or subscribers to view special programs such as Video or Audio via streaming online for an additional charge, Comparable to pay-per-view events on television, this refers to streaming media which viewers must pay to see on their computer.

This can be used in either a Live internet Broadcast or Webcast and Video on Demand streaming

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