Do It Yourself

Live Streaming Hosting is best for online radio and tv stations, live events, or corporate meetings. A live stream is broadcast similar to a real TV or radio broadcast.

One Media Server.
Any Platform. Any Screen.

  Flash, Silverlight, iPhone, Android and more...

Connection Bandwidth Storage Traffic Extra Traffic Price
Upto 30 100Mbps 200MB 20GB Rs.400 per GB Rs.6500
Upto 50 100Mbps 500MB 40GB Rs.400 per GB Rs.8500
Upto 100 100Mbps 1000MB 90GB Rs.380 per GB Rs.13500
Upto 500 100Mbps 15GB 1500GB Rs.375 per GB Rs.25000
Upto 1000 100Mbps 30GB 3000GB Rs.350 per GB Rs.35000


Do It YourSelf (Starter Kit Series)
To get started, you will need:

* A computer with Windows OS
* Flash Media Encoders
* Audio/Video capture cards
* Audio / Video Signals
* Impel's streaming account
* An Internet connection 20% greater than the quality of video in kbps

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