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Advanced Technologies - Today's Streaming Media Is Incomplete Without Them!

Streaming video technology is a technique used to transfer data so that these data can be processed into a steady and continuous stream. Video streaming technology is becoming more important with the growth of the World Wide Web.

As not all Internet users have a possibility to surf the Internet with the fastest type of connection, streaming video technology is excellent as the Internet browser can display the video content before the entire file has been received.

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Streaming Media Technologies

There are several different appications that can be used to receive and display video content. These programs can be chosen depending on the personal preferences and needs of the user. The following programs are among the most popular ones to use:

- Apple Quicktime
QuickTime is a multimedia display program developed by Apple. This software can handle and display several different media formats such as sound, text, animations and video.
- Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Flash is a multimedia authoring program used to display and process games or movies created using the program. The Flash Player, made by Adobe Systems is a client application that can be used with most web browsers.
- Microsoft Windows Media
Windows Media is a program for media creation and distribution by Microsoft Windows. It has a software development package with several different application programming interfaces and the latest technology.
- RealNetworks
RealNetworks provides media displaying software called RealAudio. RealMedia audio streaming files can contain RealAudio and RealVideo streams.
- Shoutcast
Shoutcast is a free audio and video display program allowing users to set up their own Internet radiostations on servers.The software is used for listening to music and to broadcast live events.
- Icecast
Icecast is a project for streaming media content online and is mostly known for its server

Benefits of Streaming Technologies

As streaming media can help promote sales figures and are an effective way to motivate purchasing, this is one of the most effective ways to improve business. Advantages of using streaming media are:

Benefits to the Business

Streaming video technology can be integrated into websites and help people get over their doubts when they are trying to decide on the purchase of a product. This type of product promotion can help build customers' trust in a company.

Product Demonstrations

As visual media are powerful and help to products. This method can be beneficial for showcasing vacation facilities, new business buildings and plants and products in detail.

Teaching Classes

Teachers and coaches of dance, sports and gym activities can highlight their training methods with short demonstration clips.

Streaming technologies are a very effective and affordable marketing tool for any business and can be used to make customers aware of the benefits of your products.

Why Webcasting?

Save Time:
Even the best presenter's can't be everywhere at once, and your audience can't always be in the same place at once. Webcasting lets you deliver your messages immediately, across zip codes, area codes, and other constraints , so all interested parties in all location can participated at the same time.

Save Money :
No airplane tickets, no hotel bills, no rented facilities and there are more ways you will pay less because webcasting is also highly efficient way to distribute upto- the minute information and other corporate communications.

Save Day :
Webcasting lets you archive your live performance and make them available to anyone, anywhere, after the fact.This handy features means your investment keeps paying off over long term.

Extend Communication Reach :
Communicate to everyone across time and geographic boundaries . Archiving enables everyone in your ogranisation to watch or listen even when out of office.

Communicate in One Voice :
Ensure everyone hears the same message from the same source. Eliminate confusion and rumors.

The potential cost benefits associated with streaming media are enormous. Properly implemented streaming media can translate into gains productivity and elimination of expenses that can create a rapid return on investment for corporations.

In addition it is changing the way people see the world today, streaming media is providing new and easier ways of communicating between continents, cultures, business, people everywhere on the earth.

Future of Webcasting
Does Webcasting Have A Bright Future?

Although Web casting has had its up and downs in the last years, webcast future looks assured. Why? Because webcasting doesn't limit itself to internet radio. Actually, it's a widely spread tool that it's been used by private enterprise, government, or any other kind of organization who wishes to transmit a message to a huge audience.
For example, education webcast programming is starting to generate quite an interest through out rural areas.

Why Is That?

Before the internet, rural areas around the world, especially those from third world countries, depended on the state programming of the government owned channel. This limited a lot the quality and quantity of education that was transmitted. And if the ones who were being educated wished another kind of programming focused on their reality (for example, ecological tourism), they couldn't do anything about it. It was too expensive.

Nowadays, they only need a computer with access to the internet and a projector. With these tools, forgotten communities can afford to educate themselves in matters they care the most for a very low price. Of course, there should be some training that should be basic knowledge to every group of people. That's why webcast and health education must work side by side.

Will It Replace Tele-Conferencing?

Not entirely. Unfortunately, many people in the world can't even access this cheap method of transmission. Unless their governments give them the tools and access to do it, they will still depend on tele-conferencing.

And How Big Is Webcasting?

It's big. By 2005 the webcasting market had US$ 3.1 billion in revenue, and it's expected to grow much more as broadband access spreads through the USA and the rest of the world.

Are There Any Other Type of Webcasts

Internet TV broadcast is one of them. But do not expect to find your favorite TV series in a free webcast transmission. All of them are specifically made for specific groups of people. For example, you may find a TV internet broadcast about philosophy. It would be very difficult for that program to find its way through normal or cable TV. The possibility to broadcast on the internet is the only way that these programs can have public access.